STÄZ Industries, established in 2016, is a company fueled on promoting unity through diversity. Once again in 2020, we are speaking up and making our presence and stance known. We are a company built on change in this country and change is what we will get. We will not stop fighting for proper freedom, liberation, and justice within the Black community.

STÄZ X THE DISORIENT is teaming up to design a BLACKOUT shirt for the State of Wisconsin to show our support and speak out about racial injustice in our communities. This black heavyweight shirt features a black on black THE DISORIENT logo on the back of the shirt, as well as the STÄZ globe logo on the front, demonstrating the globalization of the movement.

100% of profits from this design will be donated to the BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZATION.

At STÄZ, we see a future that is proud, connected, and unafraid to acknowledge a need for change. - A future that is always moving Ultra Forward.

Share this post. The more sold, the closer we are to winning this fight. DM us @STAZ for pre-orders we start shipping in two weeks.


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