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UWM Milwaukee and Madison College University wear
Diversity University Madison Wisconsin college apparel
Diversity University Milwaukee Wisconsin college apparel
Unity Through Diversity University Milwaukee Wisconsin college apparel
University Wisconsin college apparel streetwear
Unity Through Diversity Wisconsin college apparel
UWM Milwaukee and Madison College wear
UWM Milwaukee and Madison College wear
Unity Through Diversity Wisconsin apparel
UWM Madison Alumni University wear

Wisconsin Look Book

Unity Through Diversity

We learn from one another as we grow up. We gain new experiences through others and their cultures. Food, music, religion, and life, in general, are all opportunities to grow together.

We have in common the pursuit of greater things for ourselves, and our friends and family. This can be achieved through awareness and higher education.

Many families from the East coast to the West, send their college-bound kids to Wisconsin. We are known for our great education system and of course as the number one party school in the nation!

Our beautiful state has much to offer including food, drink, some of the best colleges, hiking, fishing, biking, and the opportunity to make new friends.

We are one state with many universities and colleges. THE DISORIENT offers an opportunity to represent your state and your school in your local colors. This way wherever you travel you can proudly take Wisconsin with you with our t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and long sleeve clothing. We will eventually have plenty of accessories to make sure your styling. Whether you are at a Camp Randall Badger game, pregaming it at your fraternity (frat) house, or walking down State Street, you can look the look with streetwear from our online store.

Our oversized 8 oz heavyweight shirts and our 16 oz super heavy made in the USA hoodies and sweatshirts also boast an oversized print so they can see you coming. We have 3 colors to choose from for each campus. Our products make great gifts for students, parents, and alumni. We ship anywhere in the USA so you can share with others.

Make sure to check out STAZ Industries, our parent company. Where we are always trying out new local designs and promoting local artists.  https://stazindustries.com/ 

Thank you for visiting us and for making the world a better place!