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Wisconsin has great universities, colleges, and schools. Yet there is no one brand that represents them all. Your whole life, you were told to get good grades so you can get into college, and now, you did just that! After graduation, you leave behind your high school years, many of your best friends, and a lifetime of memories. Then all of a sudden you find yourself shopping for extra long fitted sheets and college dorm room essentials. The next thing you realize is your parents are helping to set up your room, they give you long hugs and kisses, and then the door closes, they leave, and you are on your own!

THIS is why we have created THE DISORIENT.

Life is confusing enough. but now you have to make many decisions all by yourself. From navigating classes, keeping that GPA, paying bills, grocery shopping, and now a new roommate. Not to forget you are in college which means tons of homework, lectures, and tests without your parents telling you what to do and when to do it. And that tempting weekend is not far off and filled with sports, new friends, new memories, and the party life our state is known for.

The reason for higher education is to build a new generation that will be knowledgeable, have character, that will be prepared for a successful career, leadership, or business ventures. THE DISORIENT brand will show the world how proud and where you started your pursuit or the city you come from. Wisconsin has much to be proud of which includes YOU!

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